Islamic Relief Somalia is an International humanitarian organization that has been working in Somalia since 2006. We are committed to achieving our core vision of caring for the people of concern in all countries where we work. Our goal is to provide vulnerable communities in Somalia with access to basic needs including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education, Basic Health services and Livelihood Support.

IRS invites bidders for Ramadan Food Packages through food voucher as detailed specification and terms and conditions

Tender : Items with Specifications Total Households Area
Ramadan Food Packages  RICE: Rayan/daimond/mawel/premium-Omar -10 kg

Sugar brazil-10 kg

Wheat flour Egypt-10 kg

Cooking Oil Hayaat-3 Liter

Porridge amazon -1 kg.

Dates (quality Dates UAE/Saudi Arabia/ Equivalent) -5 Kg

Milk powder Nuura/Amiz/kings/Euro-0.9kg

1064 HHs Hargeisa







Interested Contractors/suppliers with sound capacity, capacity to provide food through voucher/shops and relevant experience in similar work are hereby invited to submit their bids in a separate envelopes.

Tender Requirements:

  • Partial Documents will not be accepted
  • Tender envelop should be sealed and stamped.
  • Company Profile with detailed physically verifiable contact address
  • Most recent Bank statements (showing last 3 months transactions/ account movement and current balance).
  • Quotation price
  • Registration certificates (Valid Commercial license).
  • Evidence of Past Experience in similar work (Food Supply experiences with UN/INGOs/national NGO)
  • All bids should be written in English.

Special Instructions:

à A supplier who has a network of existing retail shops/partners or ability to contract the required outlets/shops in project areas and meeting the IRS’s required criteria (clusters arrangement).

à The supplier have network of shops which can be accessible to participants (shops within a reasonable distance and can be used frequently by the beneficiaries)

à Supplier having shops who meet the supply and stock capacity requirements including ability to resupply food quickly in retail shops.

à The supplier has access to the required volumes as well as can ensure the shop distribution network is filled per IRS’s required time.

à Ability to manage relationships with subcontracted distribution outlets and payment for voucher redemption and reporting.

à Shop outlets that have appropriate storage and handling for temperature sensitive products, including possession of accurate weights and measurement equipment.

à Supplier should strictly follow the daily-allocated beneficiary list and time and avoid any sort of crowd at the shop.

à Supplier willing to manage all retail distribution locations at once, including collection and verification of redeemed vouchers.

à Ability and willingness to ensure minimum IR beneficiary data protection standards.

Interested suppliers who have capacity to do through voucher as detailed in the note part section are advised to collect bid documents at Islamic Relief Hargeisa office.

Tender document with detail specification and terms and conditions will be available at logistic unit of Islamic Relief Hargeisa office at free of cost from April 15th-21st, 2020 (05:00 PM).

The sealed envelopes should be dropped at Islamic Relief M Office Tender Box. Islamic Relief, Hargeisa Office, Koodbuur District, Jigjiga Yar, North of Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa Somaliland, tell: 571690.

The deadline for submitting quotation is 21st– April -2020. Any tender or documents received later than this date and time will not be accepted



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