DATE 24th March 2021

Islamic Relief is an International humanitarian organization that has been working in Somaliland since 2010. We are committed to achieving our core vision of caring for the people of concern in all countries where we work. Our goal is to provide vulnerable communities in Somaliland with access to basic needs including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education, Basic Health services and Food security & Livelihood Support.

Islamic Relief Somaliland currently implementing an integrated climate change and environmental protection project called (Strengthening Agricultural Resilience in Awdal Project) which will target  900 pastoral individuals ( 150 pastoral drop outs)  and 6,000 farmers in Awdal and Marodijeh regions. It aims to build their resilience and recovery from the impact of recurrent droughts and desert locust infestation. The project will distribute productive health livestock through (restocking), drought-tolerant seeds and tools, to improve agricultural practices and technologies to catalyst productivity. This will improve household income by diversifying livelihood income sources and the capacity, market coordination and networking. The project will run for 18 months implementing a climate-smart agricultural practice that can be scaled and replicated in other parts of the country. The project objective is to mitigate food insecurity and improve resilience in the target region. In this regard The project will distribute 1,500 productive health livestock (9 productive health goats and one health billy goat) to 150 households of pastoral dropout to regain their original livelihood status in 9 villages under Gabilay and Awdal regions which are (Ceel giniseed, Geesta Dheer, Dhalada, Jidhi villages under Gabilay district and Magalocad, Sharafwayn, Old Baki, Ruqi and Baki villages under Borama and Baki districts of Awdal region). Islamic Relief Somaliland office Invites a sound capacity bidders for supply/procure 1,500 productive livestock goats  to delivery above mentioned villages as detailed below table.





1 Distribution of  productive health livestock (9 productive health female goats and one Health male Billy goat with age of 1.5-2 yrs old  for female animals and 2- 2.5 yrs for male animals( 9 riyaad iyo Hal orgi) ) to 150 households of pastoral dropout living in Dhalada, Geesta-dheer, ceel giniiseed, Jidhi, Baki, Ruqi,Old Baki, Magalo-cad and Sharafwayne villages 1,350  Goats ( Female productive- health goats)      


150 Goats ( Male Health goats)      
2 Transportation, loading/off-loading and Security charge of Livestock to the Above mentioned target Villages in Awdal and Gabilay. 1 LUMPSUM    
Grand Total Amount  

Interested Contractors/suppliers with sound capacity and relevant experience in similar work to Procure Livestock- animals are hereby invited to submit their quotations/bids to Islamic Relief Somaliland  Hargeisa office in an envelope clearly marked on them the tender reference number as above.

Requirements are:

  1. Company Profile with detailed physically verifiable contact address
  2. Bidder should have a valid registration certificate from government of Somaliland authorities (Valid Commercial license).
  3. Most recent Bank statements produced last three months (showing transactions/ account movement and current balance).
  4. Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work ((Supply/distribution of livestock experiences with UN/INGOs/national NGO).
  5. Partial Documents will not be accepted
  6. Quotation price (Use Price = AxBxC
  7. Validity of the Quotation:7 days
  8. Delivery Time: ASAP
  9. Delivery Location: Above locations
  10. Interms: DAP (Delivery at Place)
  11. Currency: US Dollars
  12. Payments: Within 14 days after receipt of invoice
  13. Language: English
  14. Award of a Purchase Order/Contract: a PO/Contract will be awarded to acceptable priced technically and experienced, qualified bidder. The successful bidder will sign a Contract (Purchase Order) as per the IRS General Conditions of Contract for Procurement of Goods or Services.


  • The above Livestock-animals will be distributed to Ceel giniseed, Gees Dheere, Dhalaada, Jidhi villages under Gabilay district of Marodijeh region and Magalocad, Sharafwayn, Old Baki, Ruqi and Baki villages under Borame and Baki districts of Awdal region -Somaliland.
  • Bidder should be ready to distribute the required livestock-animls at the above-mentioned distribution sites.
  • Animals will be inspected by technical Veterinary Doctor from Ministry of Livestock and Fishery Development
  • All animals should be productive goats and the supplier should have the capacity to buy the animals from the target villages for the best interst of animal enivironmental aclimattion.
  • Islamic Relief will not accept any animals which have any deformative/physically not fit, has signs of diseases or below/above the the required age and specifications.
  • Each distribution to be conducted for a minimum of One (1) day or two days depending on the distribution plan developed by the IR team.
  • Distribution dates will be communicated to the successful bidder at a later date.
  • The bidder will be responsible for the feeding, watering and security of the livestock- animals until it is fully handed over to Islamic Relief staff in the field.

The deadline for submitting bids is 2nd  April, 2021 at 4:30 P.M and any tender or documents received later than this date and time will not be accepted. The sealed RFQ should be dropped at Islamic Relief Hargeisa Office Tender Box. All the bidders should sign our bid receipt form placed next to the tender box. Islamic Relief reserves the right to accept or reject any bid without assigning any reasons.

Kindly collect the RFQs from Islamic Relief Office in their respective places as detailed below;

Field Office, I/Koodhoor District, Jigjig Yar, North of Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland, Tel: +2522570877

-All enquires and questions should be addressed to: Islamic Relief Somaliland Hargeisa office through below contact addresses

The deadline for submitting quotation is On 2nd  April 2021 at 4:30 P.M

  Functional Title: Ahmed Adam

IR Logistics officer- Hargeisa

Date and Sign:

CONTACT ADDRESS: Tell: +2526-4848333

Use this Request for Quotations for your quotations and make sure you stamp this document.

Name of Bidder: __________________________________________

Authorized signature: ____________________________________


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