Tender Notice


The Taiwan Technical Mission in the Republic of Somaliland is inviting supplier to tender for supplying five (5) greenhouse materials with the following specifications.

  1. All materials used in the structure must be galvanized steel.
  2. The main structure frame must 2 inch or above.
  3. The size of Greenhouse: height:3.4m or above , length 35m or above , width: 8m or above
  4. Bidder needs to provide photo and/or design of the greenhouse.
  5. The tender items include the cost of transportation to Arabsiyo.
  6. The tender items include the cost of installation.
  7. The Greenhouse can be installed in 45 Days.

The bidder will win the tender based upon the price per square meter.

Interested bidders must submit bidding documents (company certificate, bidding quotation) sealed in envelope. Envelope must be sealed and clearly marked “CONFIDENTIAL” Tender for supplying greenhouse materials” and submit to: Taiwan Technical Mission (Opposite of Maansoor Hotel). Or can send bidding documents through email to  tm.somaliland@gmail.com. Tender should reach office on or before July 1, 2021 at 4:00 PM which will be opened on the same day at 4:30 PM.

Any inquiry please contact+252063-6314946 for further information.