Ururka Bisha Cas (SRCS) Somaliland

Hargeisa Coordination Office

Presidential Road,

Near Ministry of Health

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland.

Ururka Bisha Cas (SRCS) Somaliland (SRCS) in partnership with IFRC is implementing new construction and rehabilitation development works in Somaliland. This work involves around new construction and rehabilitation of two regions listed below:

  1. New construction of hargeisa branch youth club
  2. Rehabilitation of burao branch office building, mother and child center (Kulmiye clinic)

In lieu of above, SRCS Somaliland invites proposal from experienced, qualified and registered contractors to rehabilitate and construct above mentioned work.

Eligibility of the bidders include:

  • Proven track record and technical expertise in dealing with rehabilitation and construction projects,
  • Should be registered and possess valid licenses per the law of Somaliland to carry out the rehabilitation and construction (new)

Qualified contractors or firms are invited to obtain further information from SRCS Somaliland, Bid and Award Committee (BAC) and collect bidding documents from any one of the SRCS offices mentioned below from 7.00am to 2.00pm beginning 17-24 Jan 2022. The SRCS shall not take any responsibility for any expense incurred to bidders in connection with the bid preparation.

Region SRCS Branch Office Address Contact

person name

Contact number


Opposite to Burao water Agency Khadar Mohamed Awil 0634402904
Maroodijeex Opposite to tima’ade stadium Guled Abdi Nouh 0634776111

Bidders should fulfill all requirements specified in the bid document and should comply with the specified terms and conditions. To facilitate the bidding process, the SRCS shall be holding a pre-bidding conference on 17th Jan 2022 from 9 am to11 am at the respective branches.

A complete bid proposal should reach one of above mention locations before 24th Jan 2022, by 12.00 pm. Unsealed bids or proposal received after the submission deadline shall be rejected. Therefore, bidders are responsible for the submission of their bids on time and accordance with the instructions provided in the RFP.

Bid Awards Committee

SRCS Somaliland