Somaliland Red Crescent Society

Hargeisa Coordination Office

Presidential Road,

Near Ministry of Health

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

The Somaliland Red Crescent Society (SRCS), in partnership with Canadian Red Cross (CRC) has been implementing CBS and EPR programmes as well as supporting the PER assessment for SRCS in Somaliland. As part of the developed PER work plan, CRC is supporting the procurement of pre-position stocks to be available at all branches as a preparedness and immediate response for any disaster coming (e.g rainy season 2021). As part of Canadian PER support, SRCS is planning to procure shelter NFIs for the following specifications:

S/N Description Quantity Unit measurement
1 Sleeping mats (240&180mm) 600 PCs
2 Tarpaulin (18*18) 600 PCs
3 blanket 600 PCs

In lieu of the above, SRCS invites quotations from qualified and registered suppliers for the procurement of abovementioned shelter Non-food items (NFIs)

Eligibility of the bidders include:

  • Proven track record and experience of similar projects,
  • Should be registered and possess valid licenses as per the law of Somaliland to carry out the delivery services/business

Qualified suppliers or firms are invited to obtain further information from SRCS, Bid and Award Committee (BAC) and collect bidding documents from any one of the SRCS office mentioned below from 7.00am to 2.00pm beginning 15th Sept 2020. The SRCS shall not take any responsibility for any expense incurred to bidders in connection with the bid preparation.

Region SRCS Coordination Office Address Contact person Contact number
Hargeisa Next to ministry of health,

presidential road, near Deeromall

Abdilahi Elmi 063-4106443

Bidders should fulfil all requirements specified in the bid document/RFQs and should comply with the specified terms and conditions. To facilitate the bidding process, the SRCS shall hold a pre-bidding conference on 16th Feb 2021, from 9 am to10 am at Hargeisa Coordination office. To ensure understanding of the solicitations documents, suppliers are requested to attend the meetings and get relevant details from the SRCS Hargeisa Coordination Office.

A complete bid documents should reach SRCS Hargeisa coordination office before 20st of Feb 2021, by 12.00 pm. Unsealed bids or RFQs received after the submission deadline shall be rejected. Therefore, bidders are responsible for the submission of their bids on time and in accordance with the instructions provided in the RFQ.

Bid Awards Committee