ITB Tender Notice


RFP Tender Notice RFP-SOM-HGA-20-PQ-001-17 (1)

No Reference No: Description
1. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-001 Supply and Delivery of Agricultural Tools
2. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-002 Supply and Delivery of Agricultural Inputs
3. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-003 Supply and Delivery of IT Equips, consumables, and accessories i.e. printer, scanner, Laminator, GPS, phones, tablets, camera, project, IT cables, key boards, external driver & flash disks, Mouse, USB key etc.
4. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-004 Supply & Delivery of Electrical supplies, equips. & tools, and consumables i.e.  Solar equipment, Generator, Batteries, UPS, generator, inverter, electric board, cables, connectors, fuses, circuit breakers, outlets, tools, DVD, TV, AC, phones, cooling Fans etc.
5. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-005 Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, fittings and Accessories.
6. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-006 Supply and delivery of General Office Stationery and General Office Supplies (Please provide list of stationery with quotes)
No Reference No: Description
1. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-010 (i)                  Provision of Hotel Services- Accommodation, catering and Conference facilities

(ii)                Provision of foods & beverages i.e. refreshments, lunch, super, catering & Hall Hire services.

2. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-011 Provision of Fuels and lubricants for Motor Vehicles and Generators per Litter. (Please provide quote Per litter of Diesel, Petrol etc.) Gasoline.
3. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-012 (i)                  Provision of Printing Service; T-shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Hats, visibility banners, business Cards, posters, leaflets, logbooks, photocopies, stickers/sticky notes.

(ii)                Provision for visibility service (Billboards)

4. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-013 Motor Dealers (Garage, Spare Parts, vehicles)


5. Tender No: DRC: SOM-HGA-20-PQ-014 Provision of Broadcasting Service i.e. Talk show, message airing/broadcasting.