The office of the Tropical Health and Education Trust – THET in Somaliland invites interested Vendors and Suppliers to submit the bid for supply of the below medical equipment; the bid application validity is from 3rd – 8th December 2020.

Item Quantity
Finger Pulse Oximeter 30 Pieces
 Glucometers with stripes 30 Pieces
 Nebulizer Compressor 6 Pieces
Spinal Board 4 Pieces
Neck collar 30 Pieces
Urine and Stool Pot reusable 15 Pieces
Resuscitator bag valve and mask (adult) 20 Pieces
Resuscitator bag valve and mask (pediatric) 10 Pieces
Suction pump (electric) with catheter 2 Pieces
Sphygmomanometer 15 Pieces
Oropharyngeal airway (adult size) 50 Pieces
Oropharyngeal airway (pediatric size) 30 Pieces
Light source (mobile lamp & head flashlight) 3 Pieces
Infusion pump 2 Pieces
Chest tube insertion equipment(instrument) 5 Pieces
Laryngoscope  set (including pediatric blades) 5 Pieces
IV stands 30 Pieces
Portable ultrasound 1 Pieces
ECG machine 12CH 1 Pieces

Interested suppliers can submit their tender documents online by e-mail to or bring in Hard copy (sealed and stamped) to THET office within Maansoor Hotel, Jigjiga Yar, Ibrahim Koodbuur District, in Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland, by dropping to the Hotel Reception Desk.

Deadline for Submission is 8th December 2020, 11:59pm East Africa Time