Call for Tender

Instrument for Bacterial Culture of Human Samples
The Taiwan Medical Mission in the Republic of Somaliland seeks bids for the supply of a medical device fulfilling the following specifications:
  •     The device must be equipped with an automatic culturing system for aerobic, facultative anaerobic , and anaerobic microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) from human specimens (blood, fluid, abscess, etc.).
  •      The device must be minimally manipulable and utilize a straightforward, standardized inoculum.
  •    The device must be able to utilize bottles manufactured from FDA-approved, multilayer, shatterproof plastic.
  •    The bottles contain antimicrobial neutralization agents. It is necessary to categorize bottles as aerobic, anaerobic, and pediatric.
Additional requirements:
  •      The supplier must offer a two-year warranty for the instrument.
  •     The machine (hardware and software) must be installed by the supplier in the laboratory department of Hargeisa Group Hospital.
  •    The supplier must provide training programs on the machine’s operation and use for laboratory personnel.
  •    The supplier must provide training programs (e.g., seminars) to educate physicians and nurses on how important of bacterial identification (ID) and antibiotic sensitivity testing (AST), as well as how to collect samples for laboratory examination.
On Saturday, May 6, 2023, at 5 p.m., interested parties are invited to submit proposals that include technical specifications and pricing information. Send proposal submissions to
The opening of bids will occur 30 minutes after the deadline. The victor must satisfy the aforementioned criteria.