Who Are We?

We are a construction company that deals with building and road construction activities in Somaliland regions. We are associated with many international partners in construction and engineering in general infrastructure development. We are committed to ensuring there is mainstreaming of health and safety of all those using or affected by this infrastructure development venture. The construction activities we deal with involve direct implementation of the construction process.

We invite applications from highly qualified and capable individuals in Material Engineer for the construction activities in Hargeisa. The successful individual must live and work in Hargeisa, Somaliland where the area of operation is based.

Job Description: Assist the chief engineer and the laboratory engineer in the designing and creation of new materials and the processing technology to produce those materials, analysis of materials and data, conduct tests, troubleshoot, monitor performance, ensure quality control and create documentation necessary for controls.

Job Duties

  • Plan and evaluate new projects implementation, consulting with other engineers and managers as necessary
  • Prepare and analyze labor costs, write reports, and perform other tasks as required
  • Assist in the monitoring of quality control in the work of technologists, technicians, and other engineers and scientists and advising on inspection, maintenance and repair procedures
  • Design and direct the testing of processing procedures
  • Monitor how materials perform and evaluate how they deteriorate
  • Determine causes of product failure and develop ways of overcoming such failure
  • Evaluate technical specifications and economic factors relating to the design objectives of processes or products
  • Evaluate the impact of materials processing on the environment
  • Selecting the best combination of materials for specific purposes
  • Testing materials to assess how resistant they are to heat, corrosion or chemical attack
  • Analysing data using computer modelling software
  • Assessing materials for specific qualities (such as electrical conductivity, durability, renewability)
  • Developing prototypes
  • Considering the implications for waste and other environmental pollution issues of any product or process
  • Advising on the adaptability to new processes and materials
  • Working to solve problems arising during the manufacturing process or with the finished product, such as those caused by daily wear and tear or a change of environment
  • Supervising quality control throughout the construction and production process
  • Liaising with colleagues in manufacturing, technical and scientific support, purchasing and marketing
  • Supervising the work of materials engineering technicians and other staff
  • Considering the costs implications of materials used and alternatives, in terms of both time and money
  • Taking account of energy usage in manufacturing and in-service energy saving, e.g. In transport and construction applications

Capacity and Skills Description

  • At least 3 years’ experience in material laboratory testing in road construction capacity
  • Have proven capability to speak and communicate in formal English
  • Understand the responsibilities of quality control, staff communication, grievance and response mechanisms at all levels of the organization
  • Field experience and related computer software knowledge

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Materials Science or Materials Engineering

  • Hands-on training in laboratory material testing in large scale construction activities
  • Recognized accreditations
  • Have familiarity with policy development and implementation with NGO and construction works or similar systems
  • Commercial awareness
  • An interest in scientific and technical issues and, for some positions, a real interest in a specific type of product
  • The ability to apply scientific reasoning to industrial situations
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving ability
  • Excellent knowledge of math and science and IT skills
  • The ability to prioritize and plan effectively.

Application: Submit soft copies of your resume/CV, application letter to

For questions, or encounter problems with the online application process, please contact +252-636261874

Deadlines: Submissions by 20h July, 2020