Plan International Somaliland is in need of a SECURITY AGENCY that can provide the necessary security services to protect and safeguard its properties and interests at its critical facilities which are located at Hargeisa Somaliland.

Purpose of the Procurement

The purpose of this procurement is to provide the 24/7 security services to protect and safeguard the properties and interests of Plan International Hargeisa Somaliland office.

Mode of Procurement

The mode of procurement is Public Bidding.

Nature of Procurement

The nature of procurement is Goods and Services

Scope of Works

The SECURITY AGENCY should be duly licensed in accordance with the Laws of Somaliland, as recognized by the government, to render protective, detective and security service within Somaliland and has very satisfactory performance records from previous Offices served in safeguarding and protecting properties against theft, pilferage, robbery and other similar unlawful and destructive acts.

  1. Responsibility Areas

The SECURITY AGENCY shall diligently and faithfully serve PLAN INTERNATIONAL in the provision of security services, as aforementioned, on a twenty-four (24) hour per day basis including Saturdays, Fridays and Holidays and shall abide by the instructions of PLAN INTERNATIONAL relative to such services. The guards shall be posted and distributed in accordance with the Schedule of guards. The SECURITY AGENCY shall undertake the following:

  1. Provide guards who are in their proper uniforms or, in the case of the Supervising Guards, formally attired, per requirement of PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  2. Provide adequate security equipment to each guard as well as, such equipment (e.g. physical and cars hand security scan and paraphernalia (e.g. first aid kit, metal detectors) as maybe necessary in the discharge of their duties;
  3. See to it that all guards assigned to PLAN INTERNATIONAL are at all times vigilant, honest, dependable and aware of their duty to protect lives and limbs of personnel and finally protect the properties of PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  4. Make sure that all guards remain courteous to all employees and guests to protect the proper image of PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  5. The Security Guard must conduct frequent inspection, day and night;
  6. Ensure that unauthorized persons are kept out of guarded premises;
  7. Guarantee peace and order within the guarded premises at all times;
  8. Make available, at all times, duly-licensed, trained and qualified reliever guards in case of the absence of any assigned guard, for the continuous uninterrupted security services in PLAN INTERNATIONAL premises. Make sure that the duty schedule of each Guard should not be more than Eight (8) hours. They Guard should get one-day rest at least per week.
  9. Change any guard who does not measure up to the standards or criteria of PLAN INTERNATIONAL as soon as the SECURITY AGENCY is informed of the request for replacement, and conversely, not to change or replace any assigned guard without the consent of PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  10. Submit and surrender all record books used for monitoring and recording activities in the whole Building and those of the personnel. The designated Guard’s Supervisor must submit monthly report to the Plan’s Admin.
  11. To comply with all existing laws, rules and regulations relative to the operations of security agencies.
  12. General Conditions
  13. The SECURITY AGENCY must be duly licensed by Somaliland Ministry of Interior and any other relevant authority as per the Laws of Somaliland.
  14. PLAN, whenever necessary, may request for the reduction or increase in the number of security guards of the SECURITY AGENCY, as may be required, provided that due written notice thereof shall be served upon the SECURITY AGENCY, in which case, the corresponding adjustment in the compensation as prescribed herein, shall be paid by PLAN to the SECURITY AGENCY. The increase or decrease in the number of personnel may be done without the need of executing a supplemental agreement.
  15. PLAN INTERNATIONAL, at all times, has the right to inspect the guards on detail at the premises and, at any time, request for the immediate replacement of any guard or guards assigned under the contract. Such request for replacement must always be in writing;
  16. That the SECURITY AGENCY shall be responsible for compliance to all government regulations in connection with the performance of its contractual obligations to PLAN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE/FACILITIES, such as permits and licenses;
  17. The relationship of the SECURITY AGENCY to PLAN INTERNATIONAL shall be that of an independent Contractor;
  18. PLAN INTERNATIONAL has the right to give the guards either directly or through the SECURITY AGENCY, instructions regarding the performance of the duties assigned to them. Guard should undergo briefings and training by the security agency on how to operate equipment in the stations watch during brownouts or when natural catastrophic occur.
  19. In the occurrence of any loss or damage to PLAN INTERNATIONAL properties, PLAN INTERNATIONAL and the SECURITY AGENCY (and vice versa) shall report the incident in writing, through its Executive Director/Detachment Commander, within twenty four (24) hours after its occurrence or discovery. Upon confirmation of such damage or loss of property by both parties, the SECURITY AGENCY and PLAN INTERNATIONAL shall conduct a thorough investigation. If the resulting investigation finds the security guards or officers of the SECURITY AGENCY at fault, it shall assume responsibility for any loss or damage to property suffered by PLAN INTERNATIONAL, as a result of theft, pilferage and/or robbery particularly when proper inventory and turnover was duly observed and recorded.
  20. The SECURITY AGENCY shall indemnify PLAN INTERNATIONAL for any loss or damage to property PLAN INTERNATIONAL may suffer during the tour of duty of the SECURITY AGENCY’s guards, PROVIDED, that said loss or damage is not due to the sole negligence of PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  21. In cases where the SECURITY AGENCY shall have to indemnify PLAN INTERNATIONAL for losses or damages suffered by PLAN INTERNATIONAL under conditions stipulated under item “g” and “h” of this Terms of Reference (TOR), determination of the value of the property lost or damage shall be done by PLAN INTERNATIONAL Country Finance manager based on the current value of the property in the free market. Payment for the indemnity shall be made within sixty (60) days after the final result of the investigation has been served to PLAN, without any need for demand from PLAN INTERNATIONAL.
  22. The SECURITY AGENCY shall fully agree to free or absolve PLAN INTERNATIONAL from any liability, causes of action or claims which may be filed against their guards, by reason of their employment by the SECURITY AGENCY or by third party, arising or connected to the performance of a guard’s duty under the agreement, whether under the provisions of the Wage Law, Workmen’s Compensation Law or under any law which are now in effect.
  23. It should be expressly understood and agreed that the guards of the SECURITY AGENCY are in no sense employees of PLAN INTERNATIONAL and, as such the SECURITY AGENCY shall assume full responsibility for and shall free or acquit PLAN INTERNATIONAL from any claim or claims for personal injury or damage or death arising out of, or in the course of performance of guard duties, of said guards.
  1. Posting of Security Guards Description/Location
S/No. Item Specifications Quantity Units
1 Unarmed Uniformed Security Guards for Plan Somaliland  Office – Hargeisa (3 for day shift and 2 for night shift) 5 Guards
  1. Personnel Requirements for Security Guards
  2. Somaliland citizen;
  3. Can read and write Somaliland language –It will be an asset if one of the guards can understand English
  4. Physically and mentally fit (to be supported with psychological test results);
  5. Between 21 and 40 years old.
  6. Without previous record of neither conviction nor pending criminal case.
  7. Submission of full information of each guard (Who will be assigned to Plan’s office) is required.
  8. Equipment and Supplies

All pieces of equipment and supplies needed to maintain the detachment shall be provided by the SECURITY AGENCY (Radio System, Firearms, Flashlights, Raincoats, First Aid Kits, etc.).

  1. Additional Set of Technical Parameters
  2. Stability
  3. a) Years of Service – At least five (5) years
  4. b) Liquidity of the Service Provider – Ability to pay at least two (2) months of salaries and wages of the required number of security guards from its own Funds.
  5. c) Organizational Set-up Presence of an organizational chart indicating names of key officials and number of personnel and the reporting and functional relationship among players within the Service Provider/Contractor with additional presentation of its relations to PLAN INTERNATIONAL for the implementation of the Contract.
  6. Resources
  7. a) Number of licensed firearms
  8. b) Number and kind of Communications Devices
  9. c) Number and kind of Motor Powered Vehicles
  10. d) Number of Qualified Guards
  11. Security Plan G. Bond

The SECURITY AGENCY shall post a Performance Bond to be secured from any bonding institution or Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to answer the damages or losses that PLAN may suffer attribute to the willful act or negligence of the SECURITY AGENCY or any other obligation or liability which may hereunder be outstanding during the lifetime of the Contract. Provided, further, that the liability of the SECURITY AGENCY shall not be limited to the performance bond but not the SECURITY AGENCY shall still be liable for any deficiency thereon.

  1. Project Deliverables
  2. The SECURITY AGENCY shall assume responsibility with regards to compliance with requirements of the Labor Code, specifically those applicable provisions on the night shift differential and overtime work, the Social Security Service Act and other laws pertaining to Employer-Employee relationship. PLAN IN TERNATIONAL may require the SECURITY AGENCY to show or produce papers, receipts of payment of required payments and other evidence to show compliance to the Labor Code.
  3. The SECURITY AGENCY shall submit to PLAN INTERNATIONAL its registration or city permit from the relevant Authority, and a certificate of good standing immediately.
  4. The SECURITY AGENCY shall submit to PLAN INTERNATIONAL qualification requirements including extensive bio-data, properly annotated license papers, etc., for each of security personnel to be assigned at PLAN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE’s site, prior to assumption of duty. The SECURITY AGENCY shall submit the bio-data of at least twice the number of the proposed personnel required, from which PLAN INTERNATIONAL can exercise its option to select those that will be assigned to them.
  5. The SECURITY AGENCY shall provide each guard with appropriate uniform, which will be worn always while on tour of duty.
  6. Any change in personnel to be assigned at PLAN INTERNATIONAL shall require approval from PLAN INTERNATIONAL’s Administration and shall automatically require submission of qualification/ relevant papers and documents.
  7. Salaries of security personnel should follow the acceptable rate of the prevailing wage order. However, the business expense for Agency Fee should have already been incorporated in its bid price at the time the bidding was conducted. Hence no additional agency fees shall be charged during the duration of the contract.
  8. The Procuring Entity will have the option of renewing the contract every year depending on the performance of the Security Agency.
  9. PLAN INTERNATIONAL shall pay the Security Agency either at a twice a year rate or quarterly basis depending on what agreed in the contract.

Application Process:

Interested eligible Bidders are expected to submit the following documents which will form part of the pre-selection process:

  1. Company Profile
  2. Company registration certificate/ license
  3. National Id for the guards who will provide the service at Plan International office if you win the bid.
  4. Technical proposal, outlining how you will provide the service, stating similar service you have done with similar Organization.
  5. Financial Proposal outlining Guards monthly payment rates and break down of all other costs associated with the service
  6. Two recommendations, signed, stamped and each of them has a professional email and phone number- they should be contactable in case Plan International need to.

Please send all your documents to  som.procurement@plan-international.org The deadline is 9th June 2022.

Please Note that Plan International Does not charge any fee at any stage of the section process.

If you have already applied, please do not reapply this is a deadline extension not Re-advertisement. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.