Fursado Shaqo Oo Ka Banaan (GIZ)

The Deutsche GesellschaftfürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is implementing Technical cooperation measures on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The GIZ office Nairobi invites Bidders to submit, free of charge, and without obligation on part of GIZ, a bid on the basis of the following terms and conditions. Non-conformity with all conditions mentioned could lead to the exclusion of the bid.
Bids should be submitted for all enquired items inthe requested quantity, installation and transport. Partial or incomplete bids may be considered non-responsive. 
Only bids submitted in a SEALED ENVELOPE will be accepted. Delivery date is expected to be one weekafter receipt of LPO.Bidders must state their binding delivery time 
General Purchase Conditions and Procurement procedures of GIZ apply.
Additional Requirements:
The Bidder shall submit along with the quotation the following information and documents:
Indicate delivery Time of complete installed unit beginning by contract date
References of installed solar pump systems with technical benchmarks as well client information
Turnover for the last two years
The total price quoted should be broken down by lot  into net price ex works, VAT, total cost and must be in USD
Map of transportation directions to be picked from GIZ office Nairobi reception and GIZ office Berbera, Somaliland reception.
Non- Somali bidders to provide proof of existing distribution infrastructure in Somali 
Bidders are not allowed to contact or discuss any aspect of the tender with GIZ before closing of the tender as it will lead to automatic disqualification. Clarification requests must be sent by eMail (procurement.giz-kenia@giz.de) by 02.10.2013 to be responded by 03.07.2013
Payment will be made by bank transfer to the Supplier’s bank account within 10 days after submittal of the supplier’s invoice (s) and the proof of receipt of the deliveries at the final location (s).

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