SRCS Somaliland is implementing construction and rehabilitation work in the Awdal , Togdher and Maroodi-Jeeh regions under a community-based Resilience Project funded by the Netherland Cross through IFRC. So, below are the work that will be implementing the regions;

  • Rehabilitation of two Shallow wells and Solar instalments in Ceel baxay village at Awdal Region
  • Construction of health facilities centres in Ceel Baxay village at Awadal region
  • Rehabilitation of two Shallow wells and Solar instalments in Maluugta village at Maroodi-Jeeh Region
  • Construction of health facilities centres in Maluugta village in Maroodi-Jeeh region
  • Rehabilitation of two Shallow wells and solar instalments in Ceelsame village at Togdheer region
  • Construction of health facilities centeres in Ceelsame village at Togdheer region

Therefore, we are hereby seeking bid proposals from qualified, government-authorized, and/or recognized construction companies/firms to submit their Bid proposals for the above-mentioned construction work.

Eligibility of the bidders include:

  • Proven track record and technical expertise in dealing with rehabilitation and construction projects,
  • Should be registered and possess valid licenses per the law of Somaliland to carry out the rehabilitation and construction (new)

Qualified construction companies or firms are invited to obtain further information from SRCS Somaliland, Bid and Award Committee (BAC), and collect bidding documents from the SRCS Coordination office from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. from 13- 06 – 2024 to 20 -06- 2024. The SRCS shall not be responsible for any expense incurred by bidders in connection with the bid preparation.

Region SRCS Branch Office Address Contact person name Contact number
Awdal Opposite to District Court Mohamed Haji Nur 063-4456212
Maroodi-jeeh Opposite to tima’ade stadium Guled Abdi Nouh 063-4776111
Togdheer Opposite to Burao Water Agency Khadara Mohamed Awil 063-4402904

Bidders are strongly advised to study the provided bid documents carefully and prepare a realistic and comprehensive bid. They should fulfill all requirements specified in the bid document and comply with the specified terms and conditions. To facilitate the bidding process, the SRCS will hold a pre-bidding meeting at the coordination office on 13-06- 2024 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. 

Bid Submission: A complete bid proposal well labelled as “Atten: Tender Committee – SRCS Somaliland Branch /Boram/Hargeisa/Burao for the rehabilitation and construction” and the Bidder name on the top of the envelope and should be dropped at the Tender box located at the Security room of the branches no later than 12:00 noon on  24 -06- 2024. Unsealed and bids received after the submission deadline shall be rejected. Therefore, bidders are encouraged to submit their bids on time and in accordance with the instructions provided in the Bid document.

NB: SRCS reserves the right not to consider the lowest bidder or any of the bids that do not comply with bid requirements. All potential bidders should provide valid legal documents.

(Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline of submission)

The Tender Committee

SRCS Somaliland

Email (enquiries only): procurementsrcs@gmail.com